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Director Kevin Hulme looks at the value of job fairs

Getting the right people is an essential part of our business and our search to find them is a constant piece of work.

Traditional advertising is still relevant and social media also plays an increasingly important role but one of the most rewarding sources for staff is the jobs fair.

We attend them regularly and it gives us the chance to talk face-to-face with prospective agency staff so they can hear first hand what the job entails and what is expected of them. It also gives them the chance to meet Pathfinder people and quiz them about all the details that will determine whether they want to progress their interest.

Whether you join Pathfinder or another organisation, we would advocate anyone looking for flexible employment to test the water at a jobs fair. There are sure to be plenty going on wherever you live and our most recent attendance at fairs in Southampton and Portsmouth underlined the value of these events in our search for drivers, cruise baggage handlers and others to support our cruise valet parking business.

Job fairs enable both employers and potential staff to explore future opportunities and pave the way for follow ups and if you to go ahead and join us the process can be very swift in being allocated to one of our teams and starting to earn money.

Our recent survey suggested that there are various ways that people come to Pathfinder including word of mouth, CV library and friend or family recommendation but easily the most popular route was through job fairs with over 40% of survey respondents confirming this.

They are also valuable in enabling potential staff to take away their thoughts from the initial meeting and decide whether the work is what they are looking for. We provide new staff with that chance of a breather before we follow up on the initial contact and explore whether work with Pathfinder is suitable.

Face-to-face contact and discussion are the key starting points and job fairs will continue to provide an ideal route for creating that environment. So, next time you see a job fair advertised, take the chance to pop along. It may open the way to a host of new opportunities.

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