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Inflation is set to impact us all over the next few months. Pathfinder Personnel manager Keeley McConnell looks at how agency personnel can ease the burden….

The labour market could see some significant changes over the next few months as inflation rises and everyone’s household bills climb in tandem. It’s a challenging environment and the recruitment industry is already preparing for the impact. At Pathfinder, we’re working extra hard to provide opportunities for our staff in the coming months with many of them likely to require additional hours to meet increasing bills.

Those challenges come against inflationary pressures that affect our own business and that of our customers. Indeed, we will gradually see the spiral of inflation impact upon everyone’s costs – one of the reasons why we support more help being extended to businesses.

For the moment, jobs and vacancies remain plentiful and the labour market is still in favour of the supplier. If history is any guide, inflation could lead to a reduction in employment as businesses cut back in response to falling demand and rising costs.

It’s important to start planning now for what the future may hold. We’re already mindful of these developments and, as an individual, you may also make moves towards heading off any gathering clouds by increasing work hours and spreading your employment options.

It’s essential to act now rather than wait and be part of a growing queue as others join the search for more work. By making that extra commitment today you could be in a stronger position when work potentially becomes harder to find.

At Pathfinder, we will always be on the lookout for reliable, flexible personnel and their value has grown as the seasonal trends in our port employment have changed. Cruising from the UK is no longer just a summertime pastime as more cruise lines base their ships here year-round.

That means we can offer more regular work over longer periods, which will become an important factor in our future recruitment. For example, in September, our valet parking activities will benefit from the arrival in Southampton of P&O’s new ship Arvia.

So, as we batten down the hatches, the message is clear: Start looking closely at the work and the earning power you will need over the next few months as the inflation storm clouds gather.

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