Pathfinder Personnel’s search for people is about to reach a summer peak with Personnel Manager Keeley McConnell describing one specific skill set that is much in demand…

If you’ve ever worked in the cruise industry, you’ll know that the next two months are probably the busiest of the year as ships leave ports throughout the UK on those idyllic summer voyages to the sunshine.

This year, the attraction is even greater as we return steadily towards those high demand days of 2019 when cruise ships would arrive and sail from major ports like Southampton almost daily. Even though few ships are now sailing at maximum capacity, it has been great to see the swing back towards full operations.

When your task is to make sure those ships are efficiently supported, the challenge becomes even greater. While our own staff have their holiday commitments, it’s also the peak time of year in our personnel requirement. The next two months bring the demand and supply for people more sharply into focus than at any other time.

With our stevedoring and valet parking operations now spreading throughout the country, the story remains much the same in Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool and Dover.

As hundreds of thousands of passengers eagerly look forward to their long-awaited getaways, the people needed to handle their journeys hits its peak. While much has been made of the shortage of staff at airports, the same requirement applies on the quayside.

Car drivers are at the top of our recruitment target as the demand for valet parking of passenger vehicles reaches its highest levels of the year. Our sister company Cruise and Passenger Services will receive, move and return tens of thousands of vehicles over the next few weeks, each operation  involving a large team of people.

For those looking for summer work – ranging from students to those who no longer work full-time – there’s never been a better time to boost earnings and the regularity of the work provides plenty of chance to add to your income.

In several sectors, the value of reliable, trusted drivers has never been greater. If you’ve never tried agency personnel work in the cruise industry, this summer provides a great chance to sample what it has to offer. Who knows, it could be the start of a bright new future.