The port industry has woken from its slumbers and is now firmly on the road to recovery as the economic challenges of the pandemic ease.

Although August is traditionally a slower month for factory output, the lull is expected to be only temporary and the signs are that the rest of the year will be extremely busy on the quaysides as ports handle growing volumes of export cargo.

Job opportunities are growing in all sectors and nowhere are those openings greater than in the port environment. Whether you’re looking for temporary work or set on building a career, there’s a whole raft of opportunity out there.

At Pathfinder, we’ve expanded employment opportunities considerably, with our sister companies having capturing new business over the past few months. That has translated into job opportunities in Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool and Dover for all types of people and skills.

Our valet parking specialists, Cruise and Passenger Services, are looking for part-time staff of all ages who can drive vehicles to parking slots or meet and greet arriving cruise passengers. Our cruise handling operations have openings for baggage handlers and other support staff, while cargo operations need people to drive vehicles on and off ships.

Full training is provided for all operations and, once you’ve signed on, the opportunities are sure to grow. It’s a path trodden by many of our staff who are now full-time – core workers earning competitive salaries and with a skills portfolio that makes them highly sought after.

We’ve looked closely at the way people work and what they want from work over the past few months. Often, it varies considerably depending on age, circumstances and other factors.

We believe that in many cases we now have the right package that enables people to tailor their work commitments to their lifestyle. Most of our opportunities are tailored to the individual and we work hard to find the best solutions for our staff.

We’re always happy to talk through what works best for you so why not give us a call and discuss how we can help you earn more in a way that fits your lifestyle.