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Pathfinder Personnel Manager Keeley McConnell and her team are busy setting the wheels in motion for the return of cruising. It means plenty of opportunities throughout the UK, as she explains here…

It’s back! Cruising out of the UK is moving again as shipping lines queue up to host eager passengers keen on returning to the sea – even if this year it will mainly cruises operating in and around UK waters.

But, no matter where cruises are heading, operations remain the same and that means after a long period without any need for staff our work is gathering pace at ports throughout the UK.

Over the past few weeks things have really started swinging into action as we look to re-connect with the staff that are so important to our operations in supporting cruise ships and their passengers.

We’ve already seen a resumption of operations in Portsmouth and in the next few weeks our Southampton operations will also accelerate as passengers return. We understand that some of our previous staff may have found alternative employment but we’re keen to re-establish our links with those who want to return, along with recruiting new personnel for our varied and interesting work.

The range of work remains as wide as it always was – from baggage handling to supporting our valet parking services. We’re already getting in touch with our established and reliable workforce contacts besides actively increasing our network of staff.

Be assured that we have worked hard to guarantee that all our operations are subject to rigorous safety measures to protect both our staff and passengers, working closely with the ports and shipping lines.

As cruising activity grows, work opportunities will also increase and we can assure our teams that there will be steady and consistent requirements throughout the rest of this year.

We’re also looking at a new requirement with valet parking staff needed in Dover, where our subsidiary Cruise and Passenger Services has recently been appointed to support passengers transiting the port.

These are positive times as things gradually return to normal and we appreciate the loyalty and support of our staff after such a period of uncertainty. We can promise you exciting and rewarding work when you join or rejoin our teams, so sign up today!

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