This summer has marked another step in the growth of our valet parking business with the addition of Dover to the network of UK ports where our Cruise and Passenger Services (CPS) operates.

Like Southampton, Portsmouth and Liverpool, where CPS also operates, we have been fortunate to recruit a dedicated and committed team of people to carry out the reception and driving duties in Kent.

Although the cruise season has been largely restricted to round-UK cruises, it has been a promising start in Dover with thousands of passengers trusting us to safely park and look after their cars while they are cruising.

A steady stream of cruise ship turnarounds remains for this year in Dover and then we start focusing on 2022 when more than 120 ship calls are scheduled. With a trusted team having been established this year, we will be doing all we can to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to move forward with us next year as we seek to grow the business further.

Indeed, that will be the case for all the cruise ports where we need to keep our teams intact. Throughout the UK, cruising may not be as busy during the winter but there is still a steady programme of cruise turnarounds in Southampton and Liverpool.

We will provide work when possible and hope that everyone remains with us as we prepare for what should be a busy new year, with cruising hopefully getting back to pre-Pandemic levels.

If any further opportunities arise for ad hoc shifts, our established personnel can be sure they will be the first to receive a call!

Before 2021 winds down, we would also welcome feedback from our agency personnel about what worked and perhaps didn’t over the past few months. As the folks on the ground, you know better than most.

All that remains is for us to provide a sincere thanks to our hard working CPS personnel for their efforts over this season. With the Covid restrictions, we know it hasn’t always been easy but thanks to everyone who has made the operations work so well at our various ports – your efforts have been valuable in helping cruise operations get back on their feet.