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Pathfinder Manager Keeley McConnell and her team are gearing up for a busy 2023 in Portsmouth. Here, she outlines the opportunities available…

As the year winds to a close – another highly eventful one – we can look forward to an even busier 2023. That prospect is especially true in Portsmouth where record numbers of cruise turnarounds and new freight related business are on the horizon.

It means that we’re intent on increasing our Portsmouth-based workforce, with even better prospects to learn specialist new skills that will ensure future opportunities.

Portsmouth’s growth as a base port for small and medium sized cruise ships also means more regular work, with Fred Olsen Line and Saga Cruises among those using the port as a turnaround location. That should provide benefits for both our stevedoring and passenger valet parking operations so there will be added flexibility.

With new passenger terminal facilities set to come on stream in the near future, we expect to see more new cruise business, presenting further employment opportunities.

Pathfinder personnel are a valuable asset in maintaining operations at the port. Besides cruise activity, we support rope handling of ships and in 2023 will take on additional specialist freight work, again creating jobs.

We have already ramped up our recruitment in the city with new joiners being inducted into our workforce but there is no doubt that we will need more to cover the peaks that are on their way. If you’re looking ahead to regular and flexible work next year, Portsmouth port is the ideal solution.

Our other areas of operation – Southampton, Liverpool and Dover – are also set to provide increased opportunities next year. This year has seen agency personnel get the chance to step up to our core workforce, consolidate their earnings through full-time employment and so gain more skills. Similar openings are set to arise in 2023.

The uncertainty over the economic situation means no-one can be sure how things will pan out over the next few months but the Pathfinder requirement seems set to grow. Now could be the chance to make sure your name is on our database so that you can make the most of what’s coming up.

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