Our latest survey among Pathfinder agency staff revealed some fascinating conclusions and we have already started on the road to implementing some of your suggestions.

Overall, the large numbers of staff responding had a positive message about their Pathfinder experience, from recruitment through to ongoing contact with the allocations team and working on the berth, whether that was with SCH, CPS or SMS.

However, the feedback demonstrated that there are ways that we can improve and make your work experience better. Better communication is an aim that we continually seek to address and, although keeping you up to date with availability, allocations and vessel updates has improved through the use of SMS technology, we are now looking at a significant step further.

We are currently talking with our software supplier about developing a tailored phone app to provide an easy and convenient way for you to communicate with Pathfinder admin staff. The technology could incorporate a booking system that lets agency staff know when shifts are available and provides them with the opportunity to communicate their preferences for when they want to work.

In addition, the app would offer a whole range of interactive uses and information to make things easier for agency staff, particularly those who feel frustrated when currently trying to contact central allocations by phone.

We are also mindful of the value of face-to-face communication. The pandemic has made this even more difficult with fewer Pathfinder managers available to visit operational sites and talk directly with staff. However, it remains our intention to establish more face-to-face contact in 2022, regularly meeting staff on the berth and getting a closer view of operations.

The need to make the working lives of our staff easier to manage through better communication was a recurring theme of the survey and another suggestion under consideration is a real time, highlighted display of shipping information. This would enable staff to see what work opportunities are coming up and, placed in a mess room or other suitable location, would be a useful addition to the information available on the proposed app.

Our New Year’s resolutions are to improve the work experience and opportunities that we provide for the valued members of our Pathfinder workforce. Recruiting reliable and trusted people is key to our business, whatever the port we operate in or the services that we are providing. To that end, we also plan to reward staff who recruit other family or friends to join our teams.

We have listened carefully to what you have told us and we are committed to taking forward the conclusions, making 2022 an enjoyable and rewarding year for both you and Pathfinder.