Gender Pay Gap Reporting Data

Reporting Data 2017

Executive Summary
IPH Group is a multi-site group of companies specialising in the Port Operations, Automotive, Industrial and Commercial sectors, including an in-house Employment Business across the UK. IPH Group companies include SCH, SMS, PPS and Pathfinder.

As a Group we have two very distinct types of workers – permanent employees and temporary workers, with our temporary workers contributing to approximately 80% of our workforce. Our Group Gender Pay Gap Reporting Data for 2017 encompasses both these cohorts.

The results are positive, showing a higher mean and median average hourly rate for females. This is explained by the fact that more male workers avail themselves of the manual, physical temporary roles, which are exposed to the elements as opposed to administrative/shared services roles that typically receive a higher rate of remuneration in comparison.

This is reflected in the Group reporting a small negative Gender Pay Gap of less than 2%.

We offer equal pay for equal work across all role disciplines.

No bonuses are awarded across the Group.

All quartiles within the Group are dominated by male workers, which reflects the historical nature of the industries we operate within. Positively, female workers are fairly distributed across the top three quartiles, which demonstrates our commitment to attract females into the business, operating across all level of positions, including senior management.

Hourly Rate & Bonus %
Mean Gender Pay Gap
Median Gender Pay Gap
Mean Gender Bonus Gap
Median Gender Bonus Gap
Quartiles Men Women
Upper Middle
Lower Middle