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Pathfinder Personnel Manager Keeley McConnell describes the route that several employees have taken towards a career in the ports industry….

The nature of most ports work is often temporary and plenty appreciate the flexibility that it offers but joining the Pathfinder team can also be the first step on the ladder to a career in the industry.

Opportunities to join the core team of our sister company SCH come along regularly and those best placed to secure these roles are usually workers with experience and training. That’s why we are committed to offering training and career opportunities to the most established members of our Pathfinder team.

Signing on with us can mean you will be driving vehicles, handling cruise baggage, or helping to load or discharge ships, while one of the best routes to securing a longer term role is to train initially as a cargo lasher.

That was the path Alan Clarke took after joining Pathfinder, working his way up as a lasher and then learning to drive.  His commitment was rewarded when an opportunity arose for him to join SCH as one of the core stevedoring team,  with a guaranteed level of employment and a career ahead in the port industry.

It’s a step that Alan has never regretted and he explains: “I started off working on an ad hoc basis and training firstly as a cargo lasher gave me more opportunities to work. Then, as I increased my skills by learning to drive, the work became even more regular and eventually it put me in a great position to join SCH when a full-time vacancy came up.”

As the cruise season winds down, we’re taking stock of our stevedoring and valet parking teams and we’re actively recruiting ready for next year. However, the rest of our stevedoring business is a year-round demand and ro-ro ships are an important part of our winter schedules in Southampton and Liverpool.

That’s why we appreciate the flexibility of our staff as they often respond at short notice to the frequent changes in schedule that these ships experience for reasons such as weather and operational moves.

The value of having a flexible, responsive team to accommodate these fluctuations helps to set Pathfinder apart from our competitors and the opportunity to take advantage of training and to improve your skills is one way that we can respond and possibly set you on the path to a future career in the ports industry.