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Pathfinder operation at Sheerness experiences exciting developments.

The Pathfinder operation at Sheerness recently experienced exciting developments. Import cargoes requiring new skills and cargo handling equipment include break-bulk steel plate and palletised construction blocks, while on the export side grain has started moving outbound through the port. Pathfinder stevedores also discharged the components for four large state-of-the-art wind turbines due to come on line in July. Refurbishment has started at the site of the former steel works to create a 52 acre extension to the port infrastructure. This will significantly increase both capacity and through-put, particularly for automotive imports, while connecting the port to the national rail network, further securing Sheerness’s position as one of the fastest growing marine terminals in the country. And the Pathfinder Sheerness team is poised to capitalise with recruitment and training being ramped up to ensure our own growth keeps pace with that of our client, the Port of Sheerness.